Holistic Leadership: How Self-Awareness Drives Business Success in Healthcare Tech with Lorca Smetana, Ep 111

Holistic Leadership: How Self-Awareness Drives Business Success in Healthcare Tech with Lorca Smetana, Ep 111

Are you leveraging the power of self-awareness to drive your business success in healthcare tech?

Holistic leadership isn't just a buzzword; it's a game-changer for sustainable growth.

We just wrapped up an insightful episode diving into the depths of holistic leadership and its impact on business success.

Here’s a sneak peek into what we unpacked:

1️. 🌟 Introduction to Holistic Leadership in Healthcare Tech: Discover why embracing holistic leadership is crucial for your business.

2️. 💪 The Journey of Self-Awareness and Resilience: Learn from inspiring stories of overcoming personal challenges and growing stronger.

3️. 📈 The Role of Holistic Leadership in Business Growth: Explore how balancing personal well-being with business demands leads to a thriving organization.

4️. 🧠 Self-Awareness as a Tool for Effective Leadership: Understand how knowing your strengths and limits can improve decision-making and team dynamics.

5️. 🔧 Implementing Holistic Leadership Practices: Get practical tips on creating personalized leadership strategies and fostering a supportive work environment.

This episode is essential for any healthcare tech leader looking to elevate their leadership style and drive business growth.

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What steps will you take to incorporate holistic leadership into your healthcare technology venture?

Episode Timeline:

[00:03:00] - Lorca’s work with resilient leadership and energy design

[00:06:38] - Life-changing accident at age 16.

[00:09:48] - Importance of Resilience in Leadership

[00:13:00] - Understanding oneself and building a supportive ecosystem.

[00:11:50] - Misconceptions about Resilience

[00:15:45] - Energy Management

[00:18:04] -  Creating systems that align with individual preferences.

[00:24:42] - Discovering critical ideas and expertise for holistic leadership.

[00:27:24] - Self-Awareness Tools for Effective Leadership

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