The TEDx Prescription: How Healthcare Leaders Can Amplify Their Impact, Ep 110

The TEDx Prescription: How Healthcare Leaders Can Amplify Their Impact, Ep 110

🎙️ Are you ready to elevate your impact and command the global stage as a healthcare leader?

While many aim for the TEDx spotlight, not everyone understands the transformative power it holds.

Join me, Sabrina Runbeck, as we dissect the remarkable benefits of becoming a TEDx speaker:

🔹 1. Authority Enhancement: Learn how TEDx can solidify your status as a thought leader.

🔹 2. Worldwide Exposure: Discover how TEDx’s global platform can catapult your ideas to an international audience.

🔹 3. Network Expansion: Uncover the vast networking potential that comes with speaking at TEDx.

🔹 4. Viral Impact: Explore how your TEDx talk could go viral, massively boosting your visibility.

🔹 5. Selective Insight: Get tips on how to navigate the competitive selection process and secure your spot on the TEDx stage.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to amplify your personal brand and influence! 🌟

Join us at TEDxBuckheadAve in Atlanta on September 14, 2024.

Secure your spot today at

🎧 Tune in to our #LinkedInAudio event this Tuesday at 5pm EST to delve deeper into how TEDx can transform your career!

How will you use the TEDx stage to make your mark on the world?

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Episode Timeline:

[00:00:00] - Why becoming a TEDx speaker

[00:01:20] - What's the benefit of being a TEDx speaker?

[00:04:20] - How to get accepted by a TEDx event committee

[00:10:35] - Sneak peak of TEDxBuckheadAve speakers presenting on Sep 14th 2024

[00:31:31] - How to join the TEDx event

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