Empowering Innovation - "FUND Like a Girl" with Grace Vinton

Grace Vinton has made a remarkable impact in healthcare, bringing a unique blend of passion and influence to the HIT Like a Girl Pod. Her journey with us began a few years ago when I reached out to a few women in healthcare to see if they'd be interested in guest hosting on our podcast. Grace not only accepted the invitation, but she also fully embraced the role. She conducted nearly 30 interviews with women executives in healthcare, many of whom focused on underserved populations.

Grace's episodes, dubbed HITea with Grace, are extraordinary in their depth and impact.

These stories weren't just narratives; they were powerful tales of resilience, innovation, and persistence. From parents navigating the challenges of rare diseases to pioneers in clinical trials, Grace brought to light diverse experiences that are often overshadowed in the healthcare narrative.

Grace Vinton has been more than just a host; she's become a powerful advocate in our community. Her commitment extends far beyond the microphone, as she's actively participated in both online and in-person meetups, truly embodying the spirit of our community. Leveraging the HIT Like a Girl platform, Grace has launched into speaking engagements, making her mark on prestigious stages such as Becker’s Annual Meeting and as the official patient liaison for the HLTH conference. There, she played a critical role in gathering patient stories to inform healthcare solutions.

Now, Grace is embarking on an exciting new journey. With a heart full of dedication and a mind brimming with ideas, she's launching HITea With Grace as a standalone show, with its first series – "Fund Like a Girl." This series not only sheds light on the challenges women face in securing funding but also celebrates the triumphs and strategies that have led to success.

Grace’s evolution from a guest host to a leading voice in women's healthcare showcases her passion and ability to drive change. As she steps into this new role, we at Like a Girl Media are thrilled to support her. Her journey is not just hers alone; it's a beacon of inspiration for all women striving to make a difference in the healthcare industry.

Stay tuned for HITea With Grace and join us in celebrating Grace’s remarkable journey and her continued contributions to transforming healthcare.

Joy Rios
Joy Rios
Founder, Host
Grace Vinton
Grace Vinton
Healthcare PR Pro | Patient Advocate | Podcast Host