Beyond the Stethoscope: Navigating Regulations and Technology

Beyond the Stethoscope: Navigating Regulations and Technology

In this episode, Joy Rios delves into the intricate world of healthcare with guest Aja Hardy, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in software development, marketing, and regulatory affairs for medical devices. Aja shares her unconventional journey, from initially aiming to become a doctor to finding her niche in the healthcare industry through opportunities like the American Hospital Association fellowship and a pivotal role at Cerner. The conversation touches on the challenges of balancing work and personal life, the significance of visibility and transparency in the healthcare sector, and the evolving landscape of regulatory processes for medical devices.

Episode Highlights

[00:01:23] Aja Hardy's Background and Experience

[00:05:17] Transitioning to Regulatory Affairs

[00:10:32] Balancing Work and Personal Life

[00:15:20] Importance of Visibility and Transparency

[00:20:42] Opportunity with Cerner

[00:25:15] Learning and Contributing in Different Roles

[00:31:37] Connecting with Aja Hardy

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