Innovation Leader. Mid-Careerist. Happy Mother’s Day Emily Fry!! || EP. 159

Innovation Leader. Mid-Careerist. Happy Mother’s Day Emily Fry!! || EP. 159

In this 2024 WBL (Women Business Leaders) Series, Emily talks about her leadership journey from the point of view of a “mid careerist”. Today she is leading innovation operations at Geisinger. Her path to leadership was not a clear straight journey and she credits her prior diverse experience to giving her the confidence to lead innovation where she doesn’t need to be the subject matter expert in everything.


We go back to the time when Emily was first becoming a manager. She is quick to thank her mentors who she looked to for advice at that key time in her career (Maureen Jones, Karen Murphy, Sajeev Thomas). Their advice was meaningful and helped her shape her leadership style. Establishing trust and learning from her team members and their experience is important to Emily. Being kind first and smart second is part of her personal mantra.


As a “Mid-careerist” Emily also shares how she approaches wanting to be excellent professionally while also doing her “best job” of being a mom. Easy? No. A juggle? Sure. She gets help. She doesn’t expect perfection from herself in everything. And just because there isn’t a balance – she still finds peace and excitement in all of it!


Emily also talks about her excitement in joining WBL and attending her first conference. Finding women at similar stages in their career journeys. Expanding her network and investing in herself is a priority for Emily so that she too can do her best work.


Guest Bio:

Emily Fry – Vice President, Innovation Operations at Geisinger

Strategic Healthcare Innovation Leader | Value Based Care & Automation Enthusiast

I am dedicated to driving transformative change, fostering innovation, and elevating consumer experiences. My journey has been marked by a pursuit of operational excellence and a passion for enhancing healthcare quality. With a background in developing strategic directions and crafting innovative solutions, I have championed cross-functional collaboration to propel organizations towards their goals.

I firmly believe that a positive outlook paves the way for positive outcomes. My personal mission is to drive positive change in both my own life and the lives of others. For me, there’s no greater way to make a meaningful impact on the world than by working in an industry dedicated to creating healthier communities. Let’s connect and collaborate towards a healthier, brighter future!