“It has to be us.” Denielle DeWynter on making time for the next generation of women leaders. || EP. 161

“It has to be us.” Denielle DeWynter on making time for the next generation of women leaders. || EP. 161

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Denielle deWynter, CFO and SVP of Hearst Health. Denielle has spent twenty years in finance and half of them in various Hearst businesses. It’s the mission driven focus that Denielle finds so meaningful, making this her best position so far.


In this 2024 WBL (Women Business Leaders) Series, Denielle describes her natural curiosity growing up in rural Canada which led her to travel the world. She credits her ability to think broadly and strategically from having worked in five different countries where she needed to learn and work effectively across many different cultures.


We also discuss her efforts to create WE@HH – an inclusive community for learning and mentoring of the next generation of company leaders. Started as a monthly zoomcast during the pandemic, they are forty sessions in and going strong. As the senior most female leader at Hearst Health, Denielle’s view was, if I am not going to do it, who is? This including her efforts with Hearst Labs which funds female led startups are very rewarding and Denielle’s way to give back.


Denielle is a strong advocate for networks like WBL where she has realized that she does not need to solve all the hard problems alone. Her strong advice for others is to stay curious, have a growth mind set, learn to manage up well and most importantly, be a strong advocate for yourself.


Guest Bio:

Denielle deWynter

CFO and SVP, Hearst Health


A highly accomplished professional with 20+ years of global finance experience in finance, accounting, tax, audit and operations. Roles have included financial & operational transformation & financial planning & performance improvement with increasing components of behavioral change and relationship building to create buy-in cross functionally and cross company. Diverse & international work assignments have enhanced strategic thinking & analytical expertise to deliver global growth & performance across rapidly expanding businesses.

Specialties: Finance Transformation, Change Agent, Spin-off Transaction, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Due Diligence, Acquisition Integration, Enterprise Risk Management, ERP and System Implementation, Accounting Policy, Budgeting and Forecasting, Accounting Operations, Control, Financial Reporting, Financial Shared Services and Internal Control Environment.