Jami Youmans on the importance of a strong network. || EP. 162

Jami Youmans on the importance of a strong network. || EP. 162

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Jami Youmans, President and CEO of HealthEco.

Jami is an athlete and expected to be seven feet tall when she grew up and likely playing professional basketball. It was her sincere curiosity that led her to healthcare and building her company HealthEco.

In this 2024 WBL (Women Business Leaders) Series finale, Jami talks about her early stage career as a healthcare administrator which gave her tremendous experience understanding the front lines of healthcare while also needing to be operationally efficient. Her curiosity and love for innovation led her to a background in venture which then further led her to forming HealthEco.

There, Jami and her team partner with health systems to find new and alternative revenue streams. She describes one of the solutions where she is building a national network of hospital based clinical labs to buy and sell their capacity. Today, those labs are managed only by the hospital schedule. However, they may have more or less capacity to serve those immediate needs. By creating a larger scale network, this in turn can bring new revenue to the health system or allow them to support higher demands when needed.

Jami also finds that building out her own professional network is critical to being a successful CEO with a growth mindset. And who doesn’t want to be around women leaders? With WBL, Jami has found not only a professional network, but also trusted advisors to help her expand her thinking or solve tough problems. For Jami, collaboration, trusted relationships, and staying curious are key to building out her business today and for the future.

About Jami:

Jami Youmans

President and CEO, HealthEco

Jami is a healthcare executive and entrepreneur, serving as the President and CEO of HealthEco where she strategically collaborates with healthcare organizations to foster and scale pioneering innovations throughout the industry. Her foundational experiences at Trinity Health and BJC Healthcare laid the groundwork for her leadership, enabling her to spearhead the expansion of HealthEco’s robust healthcare provider network, venture studio, commercialization accelerator, and investment platform magnifying its influence across both established providers and emerging startups. Beyond this, Jami’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her establishment of two niche healthcare consultancies focused on advancing innovation across the healthcare ecosystem and Vantedge Ventures, a venture fund aligned closely with U.S. health systems. Jami received a Master of Health Administration from St. Louis University and a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry from Missouri State University.